Theme & Pokémon Reference Materials

“The daily life of Pokémon”

Choose one of the following eight Pokémon and draw a picture of it that shows it going about its day either while adventuring or while enjoying its daily life.

Important notes

Please do not draw Shiny Pokémon.
Please draw the subject Pokémon according to the material provided.

#001 Bulbasaur
Weight:15.2 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
There is a plant seed on its back right from the day this Pokémon is born. The seed slowly grows larger.
While it is young, it uses the nutrients that are stored in the seed on its back in order to grow.
#006 Charizard
Weight:199.5 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
It spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. It may cause forest fires by blowing flames.
Its wings can carry this Pokémon close to an altitude of 4,600 feet. It blows out fire at very high temperatures.
#025 Pikachu
Weight:13.2 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
Pikachu that can generate powerful electricity have cheek sacs that are extra soft and super stretchy.
When Pikachu meet, they’ll touch their tails together and exchange electricity through them as a form of greeting.
#059 Arcanine
Weight:341.7 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
The sight of it running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night has captivated many people.
A Pokémon that has long been admired for its beauty. It runs agilely as if on wings.
#078 Galarian Rapidash
Category:Unique Horn
Weight:176.4 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
Little can stand up to its psycho cut. Unleashed from this Pokémon’s horn, the move will punch a hole right through a thick metal sheet.
Brave and prideful, this Pokémon dashes airily through the forest, its steps aided by the psychic power stored in the fur on its fetlocks.
#212 Scizor
Weight:260.1 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
Bulky pincers account for one third of Scizor’s body weight. A single swing of one of these pincers will crush a boulder completely.
Though its body is slim, Scizor has tremendous attacking power. Even Scizor’s muscles are made of metal.
#658 Greninja
Weight:88.2 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
It creates throwing stars out of compressed water. When it spins them and throws them at high speed, these stars can split metal in two.
It appears and vanishes with a ninja’s grace. It toys with its enemies using swift movements, while slicing them with throwing stars of sharpest water.
#845 Cramorant
Weight:39.7 lbs.
Pokédex Info:
It’s so strong that it can knock out some opponents in a single hit, but it also may forget what it’s battling midfight.
This hungry Pokémon swallows Arrokuda whole. Occasionally, it makes a mistake and tries to swallow a Pokémon other than its preferred prey.